navigating northeast ohio

So you want to see a show/go to an event/catch a game (in Cleveland?)/enjoy some other festivity in northeast Ohio? Good for you. Don’t blame you. While a lot of people seem to think northeast Ohio is some terrible hellhole where no fun happens, it is actually full of pretty awesome things. Bands come here. Games happen here. Sometimes, teams win here.

Not unheard of.

To help you in getting around, here’s a trusty map of the area:


As you can see, Cleveland, Akron and Canton are the primary areas. These three are conveniently connected by a number of highways, most notably I-77, I-71 and I-76. You might even argue that these are the only three highways you need to navigate the area. Not here to make that argument, but those are three highways to know. For example: You’re in Canton, and you want to see a show in Cleveland. Hop on I-77 North for an hour. Ta-da.

Not sure where you’re heading? Going to a small venue, off the beaten path? While Google Maps exists for these purposes, so does Euclid & 9th. If you’re looking for advice on how to get to a venue (or maybe where to park, or when to go), send an email over to Help awaits.


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